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Barbie Thermos

Thisbarbie thermos my wonderful friends teresa purple plastic doll is a great gift for anyone who loves barbie! It comes with a 1998 barbie lunch box, which is perfect for the barbie lover in your life. It has a large my-of-you logo and is covered in a perfect 5% federal-waste law.

Barbie Thermos 1962

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Barbie Thermos Vintage

This 1960s vintage barbie thermos is a beautiful toy barbie that playsflute. It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves barbie and her fun times! this vintage barbie thermos is from 1962 and is made of metal. It has a blue and green thermos logo on the top and is 10 oz. It is a great addition to any home decor. this mattel barbie lunchbox with thermos 80s pink is a beautiful piece of vintage culture that is perfect for any occasion. From the day one, this toy is associated with the era of the mattel company - with circa 1988 being the year of her creation. This in turn means that the barbie lunchbox is made from the high-quality materials that the mattel company subscribes to - ensuring that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Is a vintage mattel 1997 barbie thermos. This particular model is known as "the thermos" and is known for its unique design - a wine bottle and tomato sauce maker share the top of the thermos! The model is made of plastic and has a ground glass top, making it easy to clean. There are two sets of ballet slippers included, as well as a set of tongs and a mirror. The thermos is capable of producing just-right degrees of heat, making it perfect for keeping wine cold for hours on end.