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Fast Idle Thermo Valve

The Fast Idle Thermo Valve is a Valve that can help keep your honda civic eg lx dx ex d15 b7 d16 z6 1992-1995 running a little bit faster, this Valve is meant to help with the amount of heat that the car is trying to send out of the engine.

Honda Civic Fast Idle Thermo Valve

This part fits the following vehicles: 1992-95 honda civics eg lx dx ex d15 b7 d16 z6 the Fast Idle Thermo Valve is an important part of your car, it helps keep your car at a good temperature, and makes it easier to start and drive. This Valve is a part of the series, and products of the latest technology of honda accord and prelude, it is a fast-idle valve, and comes with a Fast Idle sensor and cable. The Valve is produced of stainless steel, and extends a black anodized finish, it is able to reach a temperature of about 20 degrees celsius, and can be controlled with the Fast Idle sensor and the wires included. This is a Fast Idle Thermo Valve for honda accord crv prelude acura cl, it allows the car to run at a much faster speed since it doesn't have to wait for the engine to stop functioning. It is further characterized by its Fast Idle time and ability to quickly become active again.