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Vintage American Thermos Bottle Co

The 1957 brave eagle lunchbox by the american thermos bottle co. Is a rare and delicious piece of vintage america. This bottle was made in ohio and isachromium golden cup reverse views a weatherbeaten man and his with date 7-day-old sandwich on a soft girl's breasts. The thermos is open at the top and there is a small amount of liquid inside.

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This vintage american thermos bottle co. Lunch box features a farmhouse decorating idea and is made of plastic. It is perfect for that special someone who loves the outdoors. Alternatively, you can give it a refresh with new art or a new design. Either way, it's a fresh new looking american thermos bottle co. this beautiful norwich black metal lunch box pail has beautiful vintage looking iron and steel design and is made from black metal. It is a great gift for any fan of history or for using as a hostess gift. this classic metal lunch box is from a time when bottle companies made many of the most common models of wine bottle. The model number on the top left side is "tsb", for " trigger". This model is made of wood and has a metal lid with a "t" in the middle. The bottle is still condition dust service and like new. Bottle is from the town of norwich in the state of connecticut in the united states of america. It is a carafe with a green and black color scheme and a traditional red and white bottle. The bottle is in good condition with no issues that I can see. It is 100% on the inside with only a few controls remaining on it. The thermos cupola is still beautiful and the carafe is also well-made. This bottle is a good buy at $129.