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Looking for a 16-inch fan that can provincial electric power? check out this max fan from.

Max Thermo

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This is a 16 inch fan with a 16 14 x 15 34 x 3 puller. It is electric and it is a fan. It is 16 in. High, 15 in. Wide, and 13 in. It is 16 in diameter and it is 16 in height. the max thermo sales keywords are electric fans, fan 16 inch, 15 34 x 15, puller 16 14 x 15. the max fan is a great choice for any room in your home. With a 16-inch blade and a 15-inch puller, this fan is big and powerful. With its 16-inch blade and 3-inch puller, it's perfect for anyone who wants a powerful and reliable fan.